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Just read about Emma Watsons speech at the UN about the evil F-word. Yes, feminism. Some thoughts came up to me, and I decided to share them, because I consider it important to think about this topic.

Yes, today many of us connect 'feminism' with either spinsters past their 40s - frantically spitting hate words at all men and charging them guilty for the spinster not getting married - or with overenthusiastic young women fighting for 'equal rights' without taking the disadvantages. Added up, feminism is connected with tedious fanatics. I know it, because I felt the same. When I saw a woman quarreling for equal rights (here in Germany), I rolled my eyes and strolled past. When I heard of women quarreling for equal rights in countries like Saudi-Arabia or India, I applauded.

Today, when I read about Emma Watson's speech, I decided to discard the evil F-word of my vocabulary and replace it with EQUALITY.
EQUALITY like "If men have to to military service (or compensate with social work), we have, too."
EQUALITY like "If men get paid 2000€ for a job, we have to get paid that, too."
EQUALITY like "If we have the right to be emotional and 'weak' if we don't feel well, men have it, too."
EQUALITY like "Why is a man that stays at home to nurse the kids a loser? We have called it to be a full-time-job for centuries, and if he does it now, it's suddenly no 'real work'?"

I don't want to overthrow the concept of gender, though. Partly, it's genetical for us to behave in a certain way, or at least instinctive. Can't do a thing about that. And yes, I like it if a man courts me like I was a princess and he a prince. But I think if I ask him to court me like a prince, I have to behave like a princess, too, and set my "strong, independent girl"-attitude aside for that moment. Courtliness is part of both sides.

In the western countries (where women complain on a very high niveau about equality) the men could as easily start a masculinism-campaign - "I want time with my kids, too!" - "Why can't a woman court a man? We like that, too!" - "What is 'strength', and why has it to be masculine?" - "Why do women still have the advantages of the 'weaker' sex while claiming they aren't weak?". But that would be wrong, too.

Equality is when two people have the same rights AND the same duties, and respect each other as full persons. Independent of gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, or eye-color.
THAT is something I support. I can't support "feminism" or "masculinism" because it is always only one side of the medal. Any struggle for one sex is too narrow-minded, because it leaves the other sex out.
I don't expect anybody to support feminism or masculinism. But I hope you can support equality, too. It is important.

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