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Hi folks,

EDIT 26.4.2015: Update: I didn't forget this, but I'm in the very last days of my first pregnancy, and atm not relaxed-minded enough to write really well - there's still enough to do around here!

since I can't hold my ink for the last few weeks, I'd like to propose an Artist's cowork: You send me one of your own pictures that you think is telling a story or describing a character, and I'll write it!

- Post your pic as a response to this journal entry, with the category you'd like to submit to. The first 20 pics overall will get their stories; I might re-open this when I'm done with them. (Means: 3 pics Character, 17 Story = shutdown).
- Two categories: story and character. Story means pictures with scenes, Characters means pics that only show off one character. Some of my own examples for Character would be "Aziz" or "Illesu", on the border between Character and Story would be "Nai Iphar" or "The great, the mighty, the fearsome", and Story would be "At the End of the Day", "Don't you DARE!" or "The Gig".
- Any artist may submit ONE of his OWN pictures to EACH of the categories. No "I like this pic of this artist, can you write a story for it" - tell the artist about this cowork, if you want, but since it's his/her pic, it's his/her desicion if he/she wants a story.
- I make up the story. Please don't tell me anything about the pic if I don't ask; I have to "read it". That means, of course, that I can come up with something completely different than you had in mind. But perhaps you can see it as an opportunity for a different approach, or to check if your pic transports what you want it to. The only exeption is a RPG character; if you have a Pathfinder, World of Darkness, Dark Eye or Shadowrun character, you can tell me it is, and I may take in my knowledge about the world. But I'm no expert to the most recent publications on Dark Eye, New WoD or Shadowrun, since I love the old rule systems.
- The stories may have any length, depending on how much access I find to the pic or to what intensity I can condense the story. It may be that it will have 2000 words, but also, it could be that there will be only 200.
- Since I am unfortunately no witch or magician, I can't do 20 stories in 5 minutes. It can take a while. It's no use bothering me with "have you already written something". And, for anybody who wants to submit both, a character and a corresponding scene: you will get both stories at the same time, because I will take both pics into consideration for the character description.
- I will comment when I start working on a pic. Don't be disappointed if you posted here as second commenter and I first do another pic; it is not because I don't like you or your pic, but could be one of the following reasons: I see that I will do a loooong story on your pic and know that I will do only a short one on another; I don't get the connection to the pic yet; I have one or more stories in mind for your pic but can't decide or have to let it "ripen".
- Erotica or action is ok, but don't expect me to write porn or gore scenes. I definitely suck at horror, so if you submit horror scenes, the resulting stories mightn't be as good as fantasy, sci-fi or mystery ones.
- I reserve the right to reject images that collide with my aesthetic or morale principles. This includes but isn't limited to scenes where helpless are abused (especially children) or that are overly brutal (non-consenting sadism, rape...). If I think that such an image violates any laws, I will notify DA.
- Last, but not least: I'm no english native speaker. So please be patient with my English; I know I'm not that bad at it, but I often lack idioms or the more "unrefined" expressions for something. I'm German. If you are German, too, and want your story in that language, I can do that, of course.

EDIT 26.4.2015: Update: I didn't forget this, but I'm in the very last days of my first pregnancy, and atm not relaxed-minded enough to write really well - there's still enough to do around here!

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